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A letter from Alice Brown to Fr. Lelen

A letter from Alice Brown to Fr. Lelen.

A letter from Alice Brown to Fr. Lelen.

Envelope of letter from Alice Brown to Fr. Lelen.

Loyola Chicago Seniors, Kelly Daniels and Amy Christenson watch & celebrate the Sweet 16 Game at Bar 63.

Myself, The Wolf, and the 2018 NCAA Trophy - Feb 14th ❤️ when the trophy visited Gentile Arena. I knew something great was coming... Told myself if this wasn't motivation for the team to do well in March nothing was...

No toilet paper at Target On Cicero Avenue near Little Village neighborhood.

"To the Class of 2020" is a video written and produced by Annie Tomsche, a Visual Communication student. It is intended to document the feelings and emotions of seniors of the class of 2020 during this COVID-19 crisis that ended their senior year.
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