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Emily Rafalik Interview - Being a Debutante

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Emily Rafalik Interview - Being a Debutante


In this interview, Emily Rafalik, a debutante at the 2014 White and Red Ball, discusses what it meant to her to be a debutante and to be a member of the Legion of Young Polish Women.


Emily Rafalik and Laura Pearce


Legion of Young Polish Women Records


Women and Leadership Archives


July 24, 2014

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Something a lot of people know about me is that I'm only half Polish and I'm also half Argentinian. So growing up, it was always difficult for me to feel 100% Polish knowing that I didn't look Polish, you know, at first Polish school was difficult for me to learn the language and so some people doubted me or discouraged me. But then, being presented, being a part of the Legion, being a part of this group of women who encouraged Polish tradition, encouraged being Polish and being proud of it. You know, at the moment where I'm bowing, it's emotional because, you know, it doesn't matter how well you speak Polish, how fluent it is, or how you look. It matters about how you care about the country, ultimately. So being presented was, was an honor in terms of the Legion, but also for my country. It's a little thing you can do, raise some money, but it does make a big difference in the end.