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Remember his Name and Act - acrostic poem

Dublin Core


Remember his Name and Act - acrostic poem


This is an Acrostic poem I had the chance to write for my interpreting literature class.

Jorge Escobar
March 20, 2020

Remember his Name and Act

COVID -19 and Coronavirus are what he is called!
Observing every corner in my house to the last line
Resting, logging onto class, and repeat all over again
Online classes are now required and seem normal since zoom is what he offers
Now he also makes us keep a social distance of at least 6 feet
Ahhhh it has only been a week!
Valuable learning time on Zoom has not been lost
I plan to keep myself sane and pray my anxiety does not test me
Reminding myself to stay on task is what lets me forget about him
Unfortunately he’s made me stay at home with my mother and sister
Should this crisis get worst? How will we survive!

Quiet! did someone just sneeze? Or did they just cough?
Unified we should stay, at least through social media
Answers he needs to provide! causing me to focus on COVIDS latest updates
Research yet to be discovered, medicine yet to be discovered
Are you sure you did not hear that cough or sneeze ?
Need to go outside, try it and he will catch you. You’ll see!
Testing your boredom is his latest challenge
I have become a tik toker, youtuber and even a full time instagrammer
Need some outside fresh air? He’s so rude for not letting us breathe it
Exercise what’s that, I need to be zooming instead of lifting

Experts suggest sanitation, avoiding humans, and fashionably wearing a facemask
Directly from channel 5 I’ve heard about his increasingly bad behavior
Universally in other countries he’s disrupted their lives as well, so you’re not alone.
Coronavirus remember him, he’s annoyingly still around!
As the number of bodies, he enters the more I am frightened
Today is March 20th and I feel drained, it’s only been a week!
I can only abide from his rules and hope he disappears soon.
Only staying inside is the solution, will I soon become an introvert?
Now let me calm down and keep this poem going…
Alexa! When will the world go back to normal? *Responds Hmm I don’t know that.
Let us remember COVID-19’s act… and most importantly try to avoid him!