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Administrative Assistants' Day 2020

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Administrative Assistants' Day 2020


Administrative Assistants' Day 2020

Administrative Assistants’ Day is usually a day for flowers & cards, cookies & other goodies in the break room, and colleagues going out of their way to recognize us admins on our special day. This year, I reached out to see how my fellow admins were doing. Here’s one email exchange. I omitted their response to respect their privacy. At this point, Chicago was still shut down. We were hopeful we’d return to campus in June. Now there seems no end to working from home.

Wed 4/22/2020 12:00 PM
Yes, it’s rough working from home. I’m lonely for non-virtual human connection. I’m busier than ever. but I’m happy to not be filing for unemployment. Counting my blessings every day. Trying to focus on the present day helps.

So far, the worst week for me was when (a colleague’s) parents were sick and died. I had JUST seen them at a big party in February. Heartbreaking.

Sorry about the golf. Some people I know are crossing the border to play in Indiana. Not the same as a league. I remain in deep mourning about ice skating. My coach is challenging us to make ‘movement videos’ as off-ice training. Hilarity ensues! I’m doing a lot of yoga, some of it on YouTube or Zoom. Bicycling, running the stairs in my building, and of course, walks on the beach with a mask and 6 ft away from people.


From: Cibulskis, Suzan <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2020 9:52 AM
To: ………….
Subject: Happy Administrative Assistants' Day!

What are you doing to celebrate? How are you?
Me, my daily 11AM meeting was canceled YAY so I might gift myself a longer lunch break. Woo hoo!