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Life during Quarantine has been difficult yet refreshing. I would say it is refreshing because this is a time where you could really focus on your self and getting your life to where you want it to be. For example, during the pandemic I am…

Maria Kuncewicz Article.jpg
Newspaper article titled "Author Maria Kuncewicz Named Polish Literature Professor at University of Chicago"

Photograph of a tree with blooming berries.

Photograph of sunset.

Photograph of river and riverbed from water level.

Castro the archer.jpg
Political cartoon from the Loyola Phoenix showing Uncle Sam grabbing Central America while Fidel Castro shoot arrows into his behind.

Swietojanki Article, 1971.jpg
Article titled "Centuries-old tradition Swietojanki Polish festival June 27" published in The Life on June 18, 1971.

Initial Gift Tribune Article, 1961.jpg
An article from the Chicago Tribune titled "Club Aids Program of Polish Arts" detailing the Legion of Young Polish Women's donation to the University of Chicago for a professorship in Polish Literature.

Photograph of cloud cover in front of the setting sun.
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