Special Issue on Selma 1.jpg

Special edition on Selma March, Skyscraper, April 7, 1965. The Skyscraper was the Mundelein College student newspaper. Click the image to view all five pages of the issue.


Describe what you see. What do you notice first? What does the text say? Are there images? If so, of what? When was this created?


Who created the article? Why might they have done so? What is the purpose of the article? Who was the intended audience? What is the larger story or context within which this was printed? Why were Mundelein College students and faculty from Chicago travelling to Selma, Alabama? Whose perspective is represented does the Skyscraper issue represent? Are there multiple perspectives and opinions? If so, do they agree or disagree? What does this newspaper article tell us about Mundelein College during the Civil Rights Era?