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Administrative Assistants' Day 2020

Administrative Assistants’ Day is usually a day for flowers & cards, cookies & other goodies in the break room, and colleagues going out of their way to recognize us admins on our special day. This…

How to Say Goodbye
How to Say Goodbye
How did I get here? Rome is deserted and empty and I’m stuck on an air mattress in the guest bedroom of my parents’ house surrounded by boxes of childhood memorabilia and my dad’s winter clothes. Looking at these desolate Roman…

I teach writing at Loyola and I write a column about art for Visual Art Source, except now all the museums and galleries I usually write about are closed. This is an essay about finding aesthetic pleasure and meaning during lockdown. …

Zaria Franklin

Hello, fellow Arrupe peers and staff I just wanted to share my experience with you all about the challenges that I have faced as we are still on lock down. I have been dealing with my…

This is an Acrostic poem I had the chance to write for my interpreting literature class.

Jorge Escobar
March 20, 2020

Remember his Name and Act

COVID -19 and Coronavirus are what he is called!
Observing every corner in my house to the…

Life during Quarantine has been difficult yet refreshing. I would say it is refreshing because this is a time where you could really focus on your self and getting your life to where you want it to be. For example, during the pandemic I am…

Nursing students in full surgery gear.

Junior medical students - Loyolan, 1966.tif
Medical students scrub up before studying operation techniques.

Sister Jean taking in the Dallas basketball

Rambler alums before 2nd Round in Dallas
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